Turning demand for eCommerce into long-term success

The peak of panic buying may be over, but the recent online shopping boom shows no signs of subsiding. For retailers with little or no online presence, eCommerce is fast becoming an essential necessity to not only compete in the market but also to stay afloat in the future.

Over the last few months, people have turned to online shopping as they remain stuck at home. This has led to many eCommerce businesses struggling to cope with surges in demand, while those with no web presence have virtually lost out on regular business altogether.

Online shopping habits hit fast-forward

The use of eCommerce was already growing before the pandemic, even threatening the existence of physical high street stores in certain areas. Under normal circumstances, online shopping volumes were expected to rise gradually, eventually dominating the market. However, lockdown conditions have accelerated eCommerce growth and made it harder for businesses to operate without at least some form of online transaction.

Businesses with little or no online presence have had to act fast in order to keep sales up in the absence of retail outlets and trade shows. But expanding your eCommerce offering shouldn’t just be a temporary sticking plaster. It’s important to focus on your business’ goals for the long-term to ensure you stay relevant and accessible to online shoppers.

Implementing a robust and long-lasting tech solution requires retailers, traders and merchants to make a significant investment – a difficult decision to take on the fly. However, the alternative of a quick fix may not provide the flexibility and scalability your business needs, ultimately costing you even more in the future.

Magento Commerce as a long-term investment

While it may be tempting to settle for the quickest and cheapest option as a reactive response to this eCommerce boom, deciding on a more comprehensive solution like Magento can help your business to not only keep trading, but also drive further digital engagement.

Whether you operate as a small business or a larger enterprise, Magento offers an easy way to manage your online store, reach out to your customers and stay competitive in a fast-moving retail landscape. The Magento platform includes a range of user-friendly tools for eCommerce managers, whilst its behind-the-scenes architecture provides flawless performance to keep your mind free of unexpected technical bugs.

Those businesses ready to make a long-term investment in their eCommerce system can greatly benefit from using Magento Commerce. But implementing the system in the first place will require professional development support to ensure everything is set up and delivered effectively. This is where Klova comes in.

Turning demand for eCommerce into long-term success

Accelerate your eCommerce offering

As an official Magento Solution Partner, Klova has the skills, knowledge and experience to carry out your new Magento Commerce implementation. What’s more, Magento Commerce comes with all the key functionality you’ll ever need straight out-of-the-box, whether you’re selling to consumers, other businesses or both.

Because of this, we can provide a fast-track service for most simple implementations to get your store up and running quickly. A new Magento Commerce setup isn’t exactly something that can be done in a day or two, but with Klova’s Accelerator Packages, we condense a process that could typically take several months into a matter of weeks.

If you’re not already up and running with an eCommerce store, or if your current platform is sluggish, restrictive and outdated, making the move to Magento Commerce will give your business a much needed boost online. Now is the time to embrace the power of online sales and ensure you don’t lose out from fast-changing shopping habits, accelerated by lockdown measures.

To find out more about how Klova can support you and your business with a Magento Commerce Accelerator Package, get in touch with us today and request a software demonstration.

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