Magento programs to help merchants during the COVID-19 situation

The economic impact of COVID-19 is affecting all sorts of businesses around the world. With physical stores remaining closed, shoppers are turning their attentions to online outlets, making eCommerce a vital aspect for merchants right now.

Not every retailer or trader has relied primarily on eCommerce before now, but it’s become an essential way for many businesses to stay afloat as more people turn to online shopping. To help businesses start selling online or update their old system, Magento is implementing new programs and special offers during the present economic downturn.

With all the disruption and uncertainty surrounding us, businesses are looking for ways to continue operating as effectively as possible on an even tighter budget than usual. These incentives from Magento and Adobe aim to provide support and greater access to resources for retailers to carry on trading smoothly.

The majority of these offers apply to merchants using Magento Commerce Cloud, which allows you to save on finding your own web hosting and the associated costs. Instead, your website will be hosted by Magento in the cloud as part of your licence. Initial setup costs can sometimes be a worry, but this is where Magento makes its first lucrative offer.

Magento programs to help merchants during the COVID-19 situation

Massive reduction on Cloud setup costs

Implementing your new web store in its new cloud-based environment is a complicated process and this is typically reflected in the price tag. However, for a limited time, Magento is offering a whopping 90% discount on Cloud setup fees. This means that a process that would usually cost £3,000 or £6,000 (depending on your business tier) is only going to set you back £300 or £600 – not bad for a considerably long-term investment.

3 Months Free on new Magento Commerce licences

New merchants looking to start a Commerce licence with Magento can start driving revenue straight away before paying for implementation. From the moment you start your contract, you can get your site up and running without having to pay any licence costs for the first three months. With a typical annual licence, therefore, you’ll get the first 15 months of Magento Commerce for the price of 12.

Magento programs to help merchants during the COVID-19 situation

Free access to Magento training tools

Magento University provides merchants with a wide array of resources and educational courses to help you get the most of your new Magento system. Of course, access to Magento U materials usually means having to pay a premium. However, from now until 30th June 2020, merchants can get free, unlimited access to on-demand training to get your eCommerce teams fully up-to-scratch on how to get the most out of your digital operations.

Monthly billing available

In some cases, paying for your Magento Commerce licence in one big annual lump can be a headache for your accounts when it comes to cashflow. If you want to soften the blow and spread the cost of your licence, monthly billing is currently available, subject to status. You may need to meet certain criteria before confirming whether you can pay monthly, but Klova is happy to help and offer advice on payment options where possible.

Magento programs to help merchants during the COVID-19 situation

Access to Adobe tools

As a member of the Adobe family, Magento is also offering free trials to various tools across the Adobe suite. Many services are only available during May, so you’ll need to act fast to take advantage of free access to Acrobat PDF tools, Adobe Sign for electronic signatures, and a 90 day free trial of Adobe Connect to carry out virtual conferences from home if you sign up before 1st July.

Use the links below to find out more about the program changes offered by Magento and Adobe under COVID-19

Magento | Adobe

Magento Commerce Accelerator Package with Klova

Merchants who are new to Magento and looking to get trading online quickly can also take advantage of speedy implementations thanks to Klova’s Accelerator Packages. Here we work in conjunction with Magento to offer a quick and cost-effective way to get your store up and running as soon as possible.

Our Accelerator Packages are designed with speed to market in mind, allowing you to benefit from the out-of-the-box features of Magento Commerce. This allows Klova and Magento to implement and launch your new website – a process that would normally take several months – in just a matter of weeks.

View our latest Accelerator Case Study


Want to get started on a new Magento Commerce Cloud implementation? Looking to get selling online with an Accelerator Package? Speak to Klova today and find out how we can help you as a Magento Solution Partner.

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