Magento 2.4 update introduces new features to boost your business

The latest version update to the Magento system has been live for a little over a month now. Magento 2.4 builds upon the vast range of eCommerce tools by introducing new features to make things smoother for merchants and shoppers alike.

Many stores operating on the previously latest version, Magento 2.3.5, already had access to a robust eCommerce platform that caters to businesses of all types and consumer bases of all sizes. With the introduction of Magento 2.4, merchants using the platform can benefit from enhancements to workflows, improved content management and overall performance.

These additional features were in the pipeline for Magento even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but their addition to version 2.4 will certainly help in the eCommerce revolution. As more and more business adapt their sales models in favour of online transactions, the improvements in Magento 2.4 will give merchants a boost as they focus more on their digital channels.

Here we take a look at some of the new features and benefits that Magento 2.4 has to offer:

B2B Purchase Approvals

For B2B merchants, certain customers may require different rules regarding their purchases. As an example, a business customer might specify that orders above a certain amount need to be approved by a purchasing manager. Magento allows merchants to create approval rules for customer accounts. The efficient process automatically notifies approvers when necessary, who can easily confirm, reject or comment on a purchase order.

Magento 2.4 update introduces new features to boost your business

Seller Assisted Shopping

If a customer is having trouble finding their way around your store or struggling to manage their account, your online customer service reps can use the new Seller Assisted Shopping function. This feature allows your team members to log in to the store as if they were a specific customer – in essence: you can see exactly what they see. From there, you can talk the customer through the issues they’re facing and demonstrate account features to them over the phone. With Seller Assisted Shopping, you can vastly improve your customer service offering.

In-Store Pickup Option

Magento’s parent company Adobe has noticed significant changes in consumer habits since lockdown began in March, with more people buying online and picking up orders in-store. To give more consumers the option of in-store pick-ups, Magento 2.4 offers businesses the ability to include a pick-up selection alongside delivery methods at checkout. Whether your business has one physical location or several across the country, customers can select a pick-up point and receive an email or text notification when their order is ready for collection.

Magento 2.4 update introduces new features to boost your business

Improved Image Management in Media Gallery

While Magento’s content management system gives eCommerce managers a simple and user-friendly interface, uploading images to the WYSIWYG editor has often felt a bit cumbersome. Magento 2.4 introduces a revamped Media Gallery that can now be accessed from the main dashboard menu. Managing assets is much easier, whilst improved integration with Adobe Stock helps you to find new images quicker, helping you to save time.

Improvements to Security, Quality and Performance

As consumer expectations continue to evolve, stores need to keep up with the latest demands in site speed and performance. Magento 2.4 makes a few tweaks and adjustments to boost the system and provide shoppers with a quicker and more reliable experience for payments and checkout. In addition, an extra layer of security is included for eCommerce managers to use two-factor authentication when accessing the admin dashboard.

Magento 2.4 update introduces new features to boost your business

Want to delve into the new features and updates of Magento 2.4 in more detail? Check out the official Magento blog for further information.

Klova will be rolling out Magento 2.4 for new projects going forward, whilst clients with previous Magento builds by Klova can get in touch to discuss upgrading their existing system.

If you’re looking for the most up-to-date eCommerce solution to accelerate your business, speak to one of our team today get in touch with us today and request a demo of Magento Commerce.

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