Klova teams up with DX3webs for Magento web hosting

Klova is pleased to announce we’ve teamed up with Magento specialist hosting provider DX3webs to support our latest Magento implementations.

For many eCommerce shopping websites, it’s vital to remain online 24/7 so you can effectively provide an always-on service for your customers. Additionally, your website needs to be able to withstand high volumes of traffic during busy shopping periods and support product catalogues of all sizes and customisations.

That’s why a robust and reliable hosting service is key to your store’s success. There are many web hosting providers out there, but in our previous experience, we’ve found that some can struggle with the needs of an eCommerce store powered by Magento. That’s why here at Klova, we look to Magento specialist hosting provider DX3webs for our clients’ needs.

Klova teams up with DX3webs for Magento web hosting

At Klova, we help merchants great and small to get selling with Magento as our preferred eCommerce system. In order to support the size, scale and functionality of the Magento platform, however, it requires a considerable amount of technical resources working behind the scenes.

Whilst many of our clients utilise Magento Commerce Cloud – with hosting and support provided directly by Magento – those who choose a non-cloud solution need to find their own suitable web hosting elsewhere.

With so many different hosting providers on the market, it can be difficult to know which is the right solution for you. In fact, most people would choose the cheapest option without necessarily understanding the specifications and requirements needed to handle a Magento website.

To give our clients and helping hand and point them in the right direction, Klova is introducing our non-cloud customers to DX3webs as our recommended hosting solution partner. Through this, we can ensure that the server-side setup and infrastructure of our Magento stores are handled and maintained by a provider we know we can trust.

Why DX3webs?

You might be thinking: “What’s the big deal? You could choose any hosting company, right?” Well, you could, but you wouldn’t necessarily get the same level of specialist attention and high quality service that DX3webs has to offer.

DX3webs has been supporting eCommerce businesses with bespoke Magento hosting solutions for over a decade. Their experience in handling the platform is unparalleled, with a proven knowledge of the optimal hardware and software required to expertly maintain website speed and performance.

No two eCommerce sites are ever the same, from start-ups with small catalogues to enterprise-level businesses. In order to provide the right solution for any site, therefore, engineers at DX3webs go the extra mile to test and fine-tune various aspects of the server setup to determine the best outcome.

Monitoring, maintenance and management are also important parts of any hosting solution – often bolted on as additional costly extras. DX3webs includes all of these vital services as standard, giving you the peace of mind that the infrastructure behind your website is well looked after without the worry of escalating hosting charges.

If you’re looking for a new Magento eCommerce solution for your website, speak to Klova today to discuss how we can help you with platform implementation and introduce you to hosting support from DX3webs.

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