How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Having an eCommerce website is a highly beneficial way for your customers to shop from the comfort of their own homes. However, maintaining that online store requires a massive effort behind the scenes to keep your storefront fresh and relevant.

With eCommerce managers carrying out day-to-day upkeep on your store, you’ll want a system that’s intuitive and easy to use. Updating product information, adding new items and launching seasonal promotions needn’t be stressful and confusing tasks, which is why Magento Commerce Cloud makes store management as simple as possible.

Using the new and improved Magento 2 interface, your eCommerce managers can easily find their way around the system. This means they can quickly organise and edit products, categories, basic text pages and news articles without always having to rely on external developer support.

Here we take a look at just a handful of the ways that using Magento Commerce Cloud for your online shop allows your team to have greater control:

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Easy Content Management

In the past, if you wanted to add headings and text styles – like bold, italics or different colours – to your product pages, it’s likely you would’ve needed knowledge of HTML code. Either that or get a developer to do it for you!

With a much more user-friendly WYSIWYG editor (‘what you see is what you get’), your team can add text and images to products, categories and general content pages with no prior coding knowledge.

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Page Builder

For increased flexibility and control over your page layouts, Magento Commerce Cloud now comes with Page Builder. This extremely handy tool takes user-friendly content management to the next level with a simple drag-and-drop editor that lets you build your pages how you want them using pre-set blocks.

We’ve touched on the features of Page Builder in a bit more depth before, so make sure to check out all of its benefits and how your eCommerce managers can carry out impressive visual merchandising without needing to rely on a web developer.

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Content Staging & Preview

Not sure whether the changes you’ve made will look good? Want to preview your content before publishing it to your live store? Well, now Magento Commerce Cloud also offers access to a ‘staging area’ that’s shielded from public view.

Here you’ll get to play around with a duplicate version of your storefront that only you can see. Make your changes and publish them as you would with your live store. Once you see it in situ, you can then refine it further before implementing your changes for real on your public website.

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Easy-to-use Search Engine Optimisation

Even with the nicest website in the world, it won’t perform too well if people can’t find it! Magento 2 comes with advanced SEO features built-in, ready for you to easily define your page titles, meta descriptions and keywords you wish to be found for.

With those basics available out-of-the-box, your team can efficiently optimise search data for individual products and pages. Magento makes it easier than ever for you to control how your site is picked up by search engines like Google and Bing.

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Related Products, Up-sells and Cross-sells

One of the key areas of any supermarket or bricks-and-mortar store is the checkout, as this offers one final chance to tempt your customers with an impulse buy. Magento allows you to easily define similar or complimentary items for each product that could appeal to shoppers.

Whether you want to direct people to related products, more expensive alternatives or suitable accessories (or even all of the above!), it just takes your eCommerce managers a couple of clicks and the system does the rest to promote the rest of your catalogue.

How Magento 2 makes life easier for eCommerce managers

Customer segmentation & personalisation

Want to promote certain items to certain customers? You can create dynamic marketing based on previous shopping data when a customer has a registered account with you.

For example, if somebody tends to buy more women’s clothing, chances are a generic promo banner for menswear won’t make an impact. In this case, you can easily create multiple variations for a banner that will dynamically respond to different users – thereby offering your customers a more personalised shopping experience.

Magento’s wide range of user-friendly features help to eliminate the hassle for you and your team, so you can get on with running your online store and fulfilling orders much more efficiently.

To get started with a new Magento 2 build, or if you require additional support for your existing Magento 2 store, get in touch with Klova today to see how we can help you.

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