How COVID-19 is driving new business online

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned the world upside down and continues to be an ever-present concern in our daily lives. Over the last few months, we’ve seen people adapting their habits in all sorts of ways, and this has even spread to the world of eCommerce as more businesses look towards boosting their sales online.

Under such rapidly changing conditions, shoppers have been adapting their habits regarding what they buy and how they buy it. Infrequent bulk buying has become the norm for many, whilst online shopping has provided a lifeline to people staying at home as much as possible.

Many businesses have equally had to adapt to these sudden shifts by ramping up their eCommerce efforts to improve online sales, often in some creative ways. At the same time, it’s been vital for merchants to operate in a much more agile way with more staff members working remotely.

Additionally, many workers up and down the country have experienced furlough or even redundancy, leading them to pursue alternative ideas. For some, this means seeking employment in an increasingly difficult jobs market. But for others, it can be an opportunity to get on their entrepreneur’s hat and bring a new and exciting business idea to life.

How COVID-19 is driving new business online

How is COVID driving new business?

While the coronavirus threat is still present, our society has largely adapted to this “new normal”. Online shopping, transactions and orders for delivery have long been expected to grow in recent years, but the pandemic has accelerated these markets so much in such a relatively short time.

eCommerce provides many opportunities for entrepreneurs of all sizes with different ideas. You don’t have to be a national or multi-national brand to make an impact online. This is evident in the number of independent shops reaching out to their customers virtually after lockdown kept high street stores shut.

Whether a business owner can only deliver goods themselves within their local area or use mail or couriers to reach customers nationwide, various tools on the web have helped new and established entrepreneurs to keep the wheels turning. Sales channels from social media sharing to full-blown eCommerce systems are helping businesses to weather the storm as we slowly emerge from lockdown.

How COVID-19 is driving new business online

Food deliveries embrace eCommerce ordering

It’s not just retailers who have turned their attentions online. Food producers like restaurants and cafés have joined takeaways in using delivery apps to keep selling meals in the absence of customers coming through their doors. Not only does this allow those businesses to reach people at home, it also adds an extra potential revenue stream for the future. Savvy restaurateurs can keep providing a take-out delivery service even after they can welcome back physical diners.

Here at Klova, we’ve even supported one of our clients to keep taking orders for their fresh fruit delivery service across London. Before the pandemic, Bobtail Fruit allowed businesses around the capital to custom build boxes of fruit for employees.

When lockdown forced the majority of people to drop the commute and work from home, we helped Bobtail Fruit expand their market. Using Magento Commerce, they’re able to offer fruit box subscriptions and delivery to consumers at home, as well as to businesses when offices, factories and warehouses reopen.

Whether you run an already established business or you’re a new entrepreneur looking to ditch the suit and pursue a new passion, Klova can help you to sell more online using Magento Commerce.

To find out more about how Magento works, our processes and how we can support you and your business in the future, get in touch with us today for a chat and book a demonstration.

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