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Accelerator Packages Brochure

Find out all about Klova’s Accelerator Packages that allow eCommerce merchants to get a new online store up and running with Magento Commerce Cloud.

Our Accelerator Packages are designed with speed-to-market in mind, keeping you one step ahead of the competition. You can have access to the latest features of Magento Commerce Cloud fresh out-of-the-box in a matter of weeks, alongside a modern and user-friendly storefront that reflects your existing branding and visual style.

Magento Commerce vs. Magento Open Source Comparison

Magento is available in two editions: Open Source is a free model requiring customisation and support from an experienced web developer, while Commerce is a subscription version that grants you support from Magento.

There are elements of the Commerce edition that you just don’t get with Open Source, so make sure you know which version will best match your needs with this handy guide.

Magento Commerce Cloud eBook

Want to find out more about the features and benefits of Magento Commerce Cloud? This eBook from Adobe and Magento takes a deep dive into what you can expect from a Magento Commerce licence alongside Cloud architecture and support.

If you’re after the full service that Magento has to offer, choosing Commerce Cloud is a no-brainer. Find out how Magento’s dedicated support and expertise will keep your website operational and compliant around the clock.

Infosheet: Product Recommendations by Adobe Sensei

Take all the manual effort out of setting up your related products. Now you can direct your customers to similar items much more easily with the power of Product Recommendations by Adobe Sensei.

Using the latest AI technology, Product Recommendations links with Magento Commerce to automatically detect similar products in your catalogue and add them as suggestions for your storefront, significantly cutting down on your workload. Find out more with this Adobe infosheet.

Magento Commerce 2.3.5 Feature List

Discover all the features and possibilities of Magento Commerce 2 in this handy guide. With the latest Magento system, eCommerce management has never been quicker or easier.

Find out all about the core Magento features available straightaway, as well as how the platform has the potential for additional third-party integrations and increased development support.

Magento Commerce 2.3.5 Infosheet

Need a quick breakdown of the key features of Magento Commerce 2? Take a look at this infosheet from Magento and Adobe, which packs all the essentials into one easy-to-digest guide.

Using the latest build – Magento 2.3.5 – eCommerce managers have greater flexibility than ever before when it comes to updating inventory and launching promotional campaigns with just a few easy clicks.

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