Supplying fitness centres with equipment, parts and maintenance services

ServiceSport reaches new B2B clients with Magento 2

Our client ServiceSport provides gyms, spas and fitness centres with a wide range of fitness equipment. Looking to continue growing their customer base with a future-proof system, they turned to Klova to implement a brand new Magento 2 build.

About ServiceSport

ServiceSport has many business customers through the UK, supplying them with all sorts of gym equipment, from weights and benches to treadmills and spin bikes. Additionally, they provide ongoing support and maintenance to repair any damages and electrical faults in the future.

Project Features

  • Magento 2 Commerce
  • Bespoke responsive design
  • Full EPOS integration
  • B2B trade ordering


They’ve been selling online for several years, but their previous eCommerce system meant that ServiceSport was fairly limited in how much it could offer in the long term. With a new Magento 2 platform integrated with their existing EPOS system and product database, they’re able to embrace the system’s flexibility and scalability to grow their business better than ever before.

Sales managers at ServiceSport primarily use their own internal EPOS system – POSitive – to handle product information, pricing and stock levels on a daily basis. To keep a sense of continuity and minimal disruption, Klova carried out a full integration to allow the Magento 2 store and POSitive back-end system to remain in sync. That means orders made through the website would be reflected in POSitive and new products added to the system would automatically appear on the Magento store.

A range of equipment for both home and studio

ServiceSport’s sales don’t just focus on fitness machines and workout stations, though. They also distribute a range of studio and home gym equipment to specialist leisure centres and general retailers alike, with items like light kettlebells, yoga mats and exercise balls supplied for group classes or home use.

In recent weeks, this has also meant that essential shops like supermarkets are able to provide professional gym equipment to the general public. As many leisure centres across the country have had to temporarily close their doors and the majority of people are staying at home, ServiceSport have been able to focus more on the smaller items for general retail to maintain a steady flow of income.

First and foremost, however, ServiceSport is a B2B operator that offers various services alongside online retail. In normal times, this eCommerce channel compliments their wider service to clients running gyms and leisure centres. Their engineers are regularly dispatched all over the UK to deliver equipment, carry out installations and assist with repairs. Clients are also able to log in to an exclusive Portal through the ServiceSport website to access resources and support at any time.

With B2B sales and strong client relationships at the heart of their business, ServiceSport can rely on their new Magento 2 website to meet their daily needs in a flexible and future-proof manner.

Visit the ServiceSport website here

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