Specialist equine supplements brochure with free samples

Hestevard gallops ahead with Adobe Commerce

Our client Hestevard is a growing brand of specialist equine supplements for horse owners to support the development and growth of their animals. They operated a brochure website, consisting of product details and technical information. Utilising Adobe Commerce, Hestevard can still showcase its range products without transacting online.

Klova - Client Case Study - Hestevard

About Hestevard

Hestevard supply vets up and down the country with branded equine medicines and supplements to keep horses happy and healthy. While the Hestevard brand has been around for some time, the business is now making an accelerated effort to gain greater recognition amongst end users in the equestrian community.

Project Features

  • Adobe Commerce multi-site implementation
  • Strong visual brochureware website
  • Cross channel communications and rewards scheme
  • Ongoing development and additional support

Klova - Client Case Study - Hestevard

Project Background

Having worked with our client on previous eCommerce projects, Klova was able to provide support for a new Hestevard website using the same instance of Adobe Commerce. This would be a significant upgrade from the brand’s previous WordPress-based website displaying basic content.

Upgrading the Hestevard website is part of a long-term plan by the business to improve brand awareness amongst end users. Whilst their products continue to be distributed via licensed veterinary practices and groups, it is hoped that improved recognition of the Hestevard name will ensure that end customers feel safe in the knowledge that their horses are receiving only quality supplements.

A non-transactional approach

Despite utilising the Adobe Commerce platform, the idea is for the Hestevard website to be more of an online brochure. While non-transactional, products appear in listings as they would on a standard eCommerce store, allowing users to read product details and request free sample in some selected cases.

With future plans to expand the Hestevard name, a range of branded merchandise is presently being developed. As these items begin to roll out, they will be available to purchase online using the standard eCommerce features of the Adobe Commerce platform.

Our ongoing relationship

As a long-term support project, Klova was able to launch the Hestevard website as a fairly basic system, in the knowledge that we’ll continue to collaborate and work on it as time goes on. In order to get up and running as quickly as possible, we focused on creating a strong, visually appealing website that matches Hestevard’s internal rebranding efforts.

Whilst retaining a similar layout to B2C and B2B eCommerce stores, Hestevard’s new brand guidelines led the way in deciding colours, imagery and iconography across the site. With only a few minor adjustments to previous existing designs, Klova was able to elevate the Hestevard brand online.

Klova - Client Case Study - Hestevard

Our lasting relationship with the client will enable us to provide regular development support for Hestevard going forward. With new products to be added to the Merchandise store and a planned loyalty and rewards scheme, we’ll be on hand to help assist with realising Hestevard’s long-term online strategy as it continues to unfold.

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