Farm & Stable Supplies

Essential medical products for equine vets and horse owners

Farm & Stable revitalises its catalogue with Adobe Commerce Cloud

Our latest client Farm & Stable Supplies boasts a comprehensive catalogue of specialist equine products to keep horses healthy and happy. Previously using Magento 1 to operate two separate websites for B2C and B2B sales, they came to Klova for a brand new Adobe Commerce Cloud implementation that combines both stores in one easy-to-manage system.

Klova - Client Case Study - Farm & Stable

About Farm & Stable Supplies

Farm & Stable Supplies have been providing horse owners and vets with specialist supplements and equipment for over 45 years. Customers range from individuals to farms and veterinary practices, so there is broad appeal for medicines and supplements to support equine health. What’s more, Farm & Stable’s loyalty scheme allows customers to benefit from regular rewards and promotions.

Project Features

  • Adobe Commerce Cloud multi-site implementation
  • Upgrade from Magento 1 and data migration
  • Bespoke approval journey for specialist products
  • ERP software integration for products, customers and orders
  • Company accounts structure: pay on account & tiered pricing

Klova - Client Case Study - Farm & Stable

Project Background

Having previously operated two individual websites for B2C and B2B sales, the Farm & Stable Supplies group sought a solution that was quicker and easier to manage on a daily basis. With a slight reworking of Farm & Stable’s visual branding and updated catalogue on the horizon, the upgrade to Adobe Commerce Cloud came at an opportune time.

Making the move to a single instance of Adobe Commerce was the natural progression from using separate Magento 1 websites, as Adobe offers the flexibility and specialist B2B features straight out of the box. What’s more, the longevity and scalability of the platform makes it ideal to use for many years to come, without the worry of having to make considerable upgrades along the way.

Custom OGL Integration

Like many enterprise merchants, Farm & Stable utilises an internal ERP system provided by OGL Software to manage products, stock levels, customer accounts, orders and invoicing. The largest part of this project was to link the Adobe Commerce website to the OGL ERP software using an API to ensure the necessary data flows smoothly and regularly between the two systems.

With the OGL integration piece in place, any orders made through the eCommerce website automatically feed through to the ERP system for the Farm & Stable sales team to process. Once complete, order statuses are fed back to the storefront for registered customers to see that their items are on the way.

Klova - Client Case Study - Farm & Stable

In addition to the basics like order processing and product pricing updates, we also needed to configure the setup for more complex aspects like tiered pricing and quantity discounts on selected products for different customer account levels. We utilised Adobe Commerce’s in-built advanced pricing features to link with customised pricing information stored in the OGL ERP system.

As the website is built using Adobe Commerce, we were also able to tap into the platform’s Commerce-specific features that were essential to the project’s requirements. Reward Points are awarded to shoppers in selected customer groups to collect and use on their purchases. Some specific customers also have the option to pay on account thanks to the Company Credit feature – a B2B function that’s exclusive to Adobe Commerce.

Klova - Client Case Study - Farm & Stable

Our Future Relationship

The Farm & Stable Supplies website focuses primarily on the B2C arm of the group. Following its successful launch, we’ve also delivered on a separate B2B website which launched very soon after. This allows registered and approved veterinary practices to order a range of specialist medicines, supplements and self-branded products in bulk.

In addition to these websites, we’ll be working alongside the Farm & Stable group to produce another new website for own-branded equine supplements using the same Adobe Commerce Cloud instance. Klova will also continue to support these various web stores by providing technical assistance and continued improvements through our ongoing support service.

As an Adobe Commerce Cloud customer, the Farm & Stable Supplies group will also be able to rely on additional hosting support and maintenance from the team at Adobe. This ensures that professional help is quickly available in case any unforeseen technical issues happen to arise in the future.

To find out more about how Klova can support your business with a new Adobe Commerce Cloud implementation utilising custom ERP integration, get in touch with us today to discuss your needs and request a demo with one of our consultants.

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