Bobtail Fruit

Delivering fresh produce from fruits to milk all across London since 1950

Bobtail Fruit keeps the capital supplied with fresh produce at a difficult time

Our client Bobtail Fruit operates a local produce delivery service to businesses across London, helping them to promote health and nutrition amongst employees. They initially came to Klova for a Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration, but also needed to adapt their services in difficult circumstances.

About Bobtail Fruit

Bobtail Fruit allows businesses throughout the capital to either select a pre-made package or build a custom box of fresh fruit from their online store. Purchases can be made as a one-off or on a rolling subscription to receive the same order weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Project Features

  • M1 to M2 Migration
  • Bespoke UI design
  • B2B trade accounts
  • Dynamic order lists for warehouse staff and delivery drivers


Their previous online store utilised Magento 1 to accept orders. However, this began to strain under growing demand. Bobtail Fruit tasked Klova with implementing a new Magento 2 platform in order to provide a speedy and reliable service for their B2B customers to benefit from the vast improvements.

Not only does the new web store allow businesses to easily order fruit baskets online, the system also uses various logic processes to structure packaging and deliveries in the most logical and economical order. Fruit boxes are compiled by weight (lighter items on top of heavier ones – nobody wants squashed grapes at the bottom!), whilst Bobtail’s own couriers are given lists outlining the best route to fulfil all deliveries quickly and effectively.

Responding quickly to keep sales booming at a difficult time

Just as the new Magento 2 store was about to launch, Bobtail Fruit found that their existing sales were rapidly dropping as a result of the current coronavirus pandemic. The fast development of this crisis has forced many businesses to make snap decisions on stripping back their operations or even temporarily halting work altogether. With very few offices, warehouses and factories open at present, the regular orders of fresh fruit also came to a sudden standstill.

Responding quickly to this remarkable situation, Bobtail Fruit decided to shift its focus from B2B sales to deliver direct to end-consumers. As many people now find themselves unable to leave their homes, shifting to a B2C service has allowed Bobtail Fruit to provide scaled-down fruit parcels to remote workers, self-employed individuals and home-schooling parents.

Since moving from B2B to B2C, they’ve experienced a surge in telephone orders allowing them to stay active and busy with sales and deliveries. At Klova, we’re now incorporating features with their new Magento 2 eCommerce setup to facilitate online sales for this new target customer base.

In the face of an unprecedented global crisis and its effects on their business, Bobtail Fruit have quickly discovered a unique solution, dynamically adapting their business model to keep sales flowing and offer a helpful service to consumers in this very strange period.

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