All about Page Builder and why your store needs it

Once upon a time, if eCommerce managers wanted to make some basic changes to their storefront they’d often have to rely on help from their web developers. One of Magento’s latest features, however, is now making life much easier for visual merchandising.

As one of the key benefits of a Magento Commerce licence, Page Builder allows you to create and modify page templates using pre-made blocks. Using intuitive drag-and-drop tools, eCommerce managers can set up a custom page layout and populate it with product banners, text, images, buttons and more.

This powerful content creation tool gives merchants complete control over how their storefronts appear, without the need for any advanced coding knowledge. Page Builder presents you and your staff with a visual editor to flex your creative muscles and provide your customers with dynamic shopping experiences.

Once you’ve created your own layout with editable blocks, you can look at a live preview of your page to admire your hard work and address any little tweaks before publishing it. You can even schedule new pages to automatically launch at a later date – ideal when planning ahead for busy shopping periods like Black Friday or the run up to Christmas.

That means no more stressful late nights at the office, working up to the wire to publish your promotions at the right time. Instead, your eCommerce managers can line everything up months in advance, then let the scheduling system take care of the rest. Perfect for keeping your workforce happy, making their lives easier and allowing them to focus on other tasks ahead.

Reasons to use Page Builder

All about Page Builder and why your store needs itSave time and resources: Designing content updates used to mean enlisting a web developer to make page changes in the code, often being quite a long process. Page Builder allows eCommerce manager with no coding experience to design pages themselves. Additionally, previewing changes and making little edits can be done quickly and without developer support. Not only does this save time on creating and scheduling new promotions, it also allows your developers to focus on optimising customer experiences.

Engage your customers: Modern web users have greater expectations than ever before. For maximum engagement with your consumers, you can easily add high-quality visual content including banners and videos in the drag-and-drop system. This helps you to keep your content fresh and up to date at all times – especially handy for informing customers of flash deals or urgent stock announcements without delay.

All about Page Builder and why your store needs itGreater brand control: Since there’s no need for any coding with Page Builder, brand managers can carry out visual updates that closely stick to brand guidelines. This cuts down on time that might otherwise be spent on putting together extensive briefs for front-end developers and reduces the chances of miscommunications arising.

Use Page Builder your own way: You can configure and customise Page Builder so it works for you and your business. By utilising the existing types of content available or coming up with new ones, eCommerce managers can create all manner of interesting and unique page designs through template elements and content blocks.

It’s important to note that Page Builder isn’t ready and raring to go straight out of the box. To configure the system to match your needs and your unique brand styling, you’ll need some specialist developers to carry out the initial implementation work. Fortunately, that’s where we come in!

As your implementation partner, Klova will set up and style the Page Builder system alongside your new Magento website in the first instance. Once we’ve got all the tricky development work out the way, you and your team will then be able to create pages and promotions to your heart’s content.

Page Builder puts all the power back in your hands, so you can completely manage how your storefront looks on each webpage every single day. You can enjoy all the benefits of Page Builder when you choose a Magento Commerce licence and put your business one step ahead of the competition.

Want to see a free demo of Page Builder in action? Simply get in touch with us at Klova and let’s schedule a call to discuss how Magento Commerce with Page Builder can benefit you.

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